While visiting Miami I am sure most people think to themselves "if only the photos on my iPhone did justice to the beauty of this city" and I can relate, when I leave my camera at home I am unimpressed but the quality of the photos, always resulting in me shooting through instagram stories with creative filters, but those photos cannot be printed or shared with family without major resolution loss. Which is such a shame! I also feel absolutely unimpressed when my mom send me photos of through her phone while on her travels.

Shanika, trusted me with her latest vacation to Miami, she had many ideas for her shoot but decided to go with a cool walk down Miami's most incredible neigborhood, Wynwood. One of the worlds top Art Districts, famous for its grit, street art and murals commissioned to world renowned artists such as Telmo Miel, Atomiko, El Mac,OG Slick and much more.

While shooting Shanika, I decided to capture video to show off her lively and bubbly beautiful personality. I just switched to a Canon R6 mirrorless camera from a Canon 5dMk4 and I was blown away by the stability of the video and the quality of the entire shoot. S o much I decided to write this blog about so that I could show you all the video I quickly and excited edited right after our shoot!