Flavia Molinari

social media • Branding • content creator

Who is she?

I have produced content as a professional photographer, videographer, and graphic designer for special events, nightlife, and hospitality for over 15 years. 

I've pioneered a career in social media by predicting the needs for quality industry-specific content, developing an in-come-producing personal nightlife blog, and continually fine-tuning my creative skills to keep up with current social trends.

What does she do?

  • Photography
  • Graphic Design 
  • Content Creation 
  • Social Media Management 

How does she do it?

My method? I create content with intention. I visualize the longevity of a project well into the future, which is why I like to keep to timeless motifs that will be relevant years from now or at least through the next nine posts on your profile grid.

I am passionate about creating a high-end luxurious social media experience.

mouth watering close ups

photos of food

food photography mana poke

door dash

paid ad on social media - andrea Nu for stella artois

influencer content

candid bridal party shot at sea spice on the Miami River


business portraits for sobe smiles' Dr. Jinelle Andujar

business portraits

Sloan Tate is a published best selling author and coach with a successful online course. She has a following of over 20 thousand across social platforms. She has trusted me with her for the last 2 years.

event photos

Combined these ladies have over 3 million followers on instagram reposts from them alone expanded my following by hundreds of people in minutes.

Infuencer marketing

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work experience

work experience

Blackbird Ordinary

Blackbird Ordinary Links August 2019-March 2020
Marketing Director August 2019-2020
Bottle Service Manager October 2018- March 2020


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portfolio account

portfolio account

Miami Content Agency

Miami Content Agency is a project I began in 2015 to combine Miami nightlife with content creation via a cool guide for tourists and locals to visit brilliant local spots. Miami's vibrant nightlife scene is full of exciting music and culinary that was often overshadowed by the big room night clubs. I wanted to put a spot light on how fun and accessible Miami can be, mind you this was 2015 Miami wasn't then what it is now.


creative work samples

Miami Content Agency- Branding

Ever-evolving and taking on new roles within this project I love creating this brands identity and helping others do the same. I used Canva for the deisgn.

Flavia Molinari Photography- Designs for story boosting and lead generation.

I love to make promo for my portrait photography business. Having beautiful images really helps when creating design. I used canva to create everything below including Logo and fonts then boost stories to get more leads.

Wink- Branding, Social Media, Production, Print Media, Marketing, Sales & Online Shop.

A hand made accessory line that I created to showcase my branding abilities and account creation. I activated influencers marketing campaigns and cross promoted with local brands @French75vintage, @PorqueAja Podcasters, in store displays at Junior and Hatter hair salon in Wynwood and Jet Set accessories in Miami Beach. Collaborated with Andrea NU a social influencer to drive more traffic and sales. I designed and photographed all Wink pieces including the most recent Sunny Chains! I used Photoshop to create the logo and Canva in more recent promo pieces.

DVG Records, Dippy Records & Freelance music art work.

Working in music shaped the type of content creator I am today. Working with Dying Van Gogh Records as an Art Director, overseeing label artwork as well as designing albums and single covers taught me how to work with an empty square and bring it to life. Thanks to bands like Ex Norwegian and the Deaf Poets, my photos have been published over 60 times in magazines, the cover of local news papers and dozens of digital music sites & platforms.


Filmed and directed "New Orleans Dreams" and "Scene in San Francisco", which both

 landed in the Billboard Top 40 Charts in the Adult Contemporary radio format.

Spotify Art

I spend huge portion of my time editing and creating which means my playlists need to be on point so that I cant sit for long periods of time immersed into what I am doing. I take my time to meticulously create playlists. I recently made fun graphics on Canva to level up my Spotify page!

Community Support

Content and Story Designs for supporting friends/local businesses.

I made this series by editing with Lightroom and creating text layout using Canva.

Artwork using SCRL and Lightroom

Edited this series on Lightroom and created graphic using SCRL

Social Media Planning and Branding

A friend was in need of content when she switched careers so I launched her new instagram, created templates and a color palette using Canva and took a 30 minute lifestyle shoot to her on her way.

Fever Miami - Blogging, Photography, Networking and Influencing

Fever Miami was a really fun project I worked on to document my favorite parts of Miami. Fever became a Radio Show on Wynwood Radio, I wrote blogs and spotlighted taste makers. This projected evolved into Miami Content Agency.


Photography Presentation

A monthly presentation/activity I lead in person in Chicago, during learning program for global consulting firm, Kearny. The activity included an in person 30 min presentation for a group of sixty participants and a walking activity around Chicago for participants to utilize principles demonstrated and finally a dinner presentation to go over and critique participants photos.